Spare parts management

Square parts site is to tell you about my experience in how to manage spare parts for your project or your plant.

My name is Mohamed Ali, I worked in Construction and Mining Industry, in Engineering, Maintenance, and Material management. any budget for a project or a maintenance plan mainly focus on material cost, and how to manage this cost.

in a project, you have the S-Curve to monitor the project performance through Earned Value Management (EVM), which you take into consideration the cost performance index, mainly reflecting project resources like material , machine, and labor. most of the cost will be the material. finally you do the installation of the material, leaving spare parts as per project document requirements.

in a maintenance plan, you do your annual maintenance budget, monitoring maintenance activities, taking into account the required material and spare parts to achieve target operation KPIs.

finally if you want to close the plant, how you will dispose the spare parts in your warehouse? I sow closed plants with spare parts cost Millions of US Dollars sold as a scrap. what a loss.

I worked in different roles, which enriched my vision regarding materials and spare parts.

Material management from perspective of an engineer working on an installation or troubleshooting, is totally different than inventory , procurement, audit, IT, and Company management. which the engineer should take into consideration during managing them.

In next few weeks I’ll start talking about material classification, material attribute selection, material interchangeability,  material life cycle, obsoleted material, and much more.

Mohamed Ali, PMP.

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